The best what can happen to a fresh fish

The situation

Rogal and Speer love to eat sushi. At their then-favorite sushi restaurant, they meet Tan and Le, two terrific but woefully underpaid sushi chefs. When the pair decided to take matters into their own hands and set up their own restaurant, Speer+Rogal offered thems their support. For nothing more than a handful sushi.

Our solution

Back then, sushi bars weren’t really a ‘thing’ yet – at least not in Germany. We designed a simple Japanese-style logo, followed by a freshly designed menu and flyers. With a slick, chic design fitting of a high-quality sushi place. We’ve recently just started working on the homepage.

The outcome

With hard work, lots of charm and excellent sushi, Tokyo Sushi rolled straight into the hearts of German customers – and into ours. We’re happy to call the two our close, personal friends. The success of the restaurant allowed them to open a second, larger venue. Success has its downsides though – at least for us: we now have to wait in line more often than we’d like to. But that’s a small price to pay for really great sushi.

Tokyo Sushi Bar logo
Tokyo Sushi Bar Speisekarte