Mickey on the move

The situation

With over 620,000 magazines sold each week, the ‘Mickey Maus Magazin’ dominates the German market for children’s magazines. Now the magazine wants to move its date of release from Wednesday to Friday. ‘Mickey Maus’ magazine needs to find a way to communicate the change not only to children, but also to the vendors and wholesalers.

Our first reaction to the challenge: a big, hearty “gulp!”: For die-hard Disney fans like us, working for our favorite magazine is a bit daunting. But we also feel immensely honored…

Our solution

For our campaign, we decided to focus on the most essential and beloved elements of ‘Mickey Mouse magazine’: the characters and the famous language of the Disney comics. We used Donald as our key visual, and pretty much nothing else. We figured that there’s no need to add anything to such an iconic figure, except for colorful graphics. And with our umbrella concept ”Freitag ist Freutag“ (‘Friday is funday’), we try to stick as closely to the iconic language from the comic books as we can. We hope Carl Barks would be happy.

Disney Micky Maus Plakat Freitag ist Freutag
Disney Micky Maus Freitag ist Freutag Hefte
POS materials for retailers

The outcome

The campaign has been running for several months, with ads in all of Ehapa’s magazines and promotional items at every point-of-sale. ”Freitag ist Freutag“ has proven to be so popular that the campaign is used both for ‘b-to-b’ as well as ‘b-to-c purposes’. Children have accepted the changed date without problems and sales numbers have remained steady.

Disney Micky Maus Freitag ist Freutag
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