High performance-LED´s by Solundo.

The situation

Selling LED-systems is tough, with multiple companies vying for attention in an overcrowded market. Our client Solundo has carved out a very promising niche for their business: providing large companies and retail companies with affordable LED concepts. There’s still one problem they haven’t solved yet, though: how do they make their brand stand out from the competition?

Our solution

Ads for LED-systems are often a bit dry and prosaic. To differentiate Solundo from the competition, we looked to present LEDs in a way that’s more emotionally appealing by using striking, funny images to show how powerful LEDs can be – and how they can brighten up your life.

Ads that makes you shine

Our campaign images try to demonstrate the confidence of the company. Even as a newcomer, they have the power to reduce costs for businesses and guide their customers towards a bright future.

Website and Onlineshop

Solundo’s website follows the design principles of our campaign. It also offers lamps to order in an extensive online-shop.

Business supplies

From a new logo to business cards and stationery, we supplied Solundo with everything a company needs in its beginning stages – – including data sheets for all products.

Solundo Mappe
Solundo Briefbogen