We bring the square city to China

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The city of Mannheim has maintained excellent relations with the city of Qingdao in the province of Shangdong in the People’s Republic of China – a city that has historical ties to Germany as it emerged from Tsingtao, a colonial city of the German empire, which is reflected in parts of its architecture. Now, Mannheim wants to put these good relations to economic use, and wishes/looks to attract Chinese investors to the city. For that reason, Qingdao and Mannheim have established permanent representations in both cities.

A walk trough Mannheim – 7.500 miles away

On October 31 2015, the two mayors of both cities set the stage for this new phase of collaboration between the partner cities, with a shared appearance in the freshly built Sino-German Ecopark in Qingdao. The occasion: the opening of an extensive exhibition on Mannheim, consisting of 83 large display boards in the eco-center’s largest exhibition room (1000m). The goal: to present Mannheim as a modern and attractive city and as a potential business partner. Speer + Rogal provided the concept, design and supervised the execution of the exhibition.


Looking for: An agency with international experience. .

We believe that Speer + Rogal was selected for this job for various reasons: first, for our long-standing experience in creating work for foreign countries and cultures, which has taught us the importance of cultural sensitivity and respect. And secondly, because, as a full-service agency, we could guarantee extensive service, including on-site supervision of the exhibition’s set-up.

We devised and developed the exhibition in close collaboration with the city of Mannheim, and subsequently sent our work as print data to our partners in China. including building instructions for all displays. Production was handled by our Chinese partners, who also supervised the project in collaboration with us.


Here you will find the links to the Sino-German Ecoparc and to the website of the exhibition: