The best that can happen to a fresh fish

The situation

We like sushi. When our favorite sushi chefs decided to take things into their own hands and set up their own sushi bar, it was clear that Speer+Rogal would offer them their support. Today, one bar and two restaurants further you can say that success tastes a bit like seafood.

Our solution

Back then, sushi bars weren’t really a ‘thing’ yet – at least not in Germany. We designed a simple Japanese-style logo, followed by a freshly designed menu and flyers. With a slick, chic design fitting of a high-quality sushi place. We’ve recently just started working on the homepage.

The outcome

With hard work, a lot of charm and excellent Sushi Tokyo Sushi rolled directly into the hearts of the German customers – and ours. We are happy to count the founders among our personal friends. The success of the Sushi Bar enabled them to expand. We are a bit proud to have a small part in this success story.

Tokyo Sushi Bar logo
Tokyo Sushi Bar Speisekarte