Walk to school. Forget the car.

The situation

Every morning, the streets in Frankfurt’s biggest school districts are congested by parents trying to drive their children to class. That’s not just annoying if you’re another driver in Frankfurt, but heavily damaging to the environment as a whole. For that and other reasons, local transport companies want to see students use public transportation more frequently. With TraffiQ, we develop an EU-supported program that could solve both problems at once: „Geh deinen Weg!“ (“Go your own way”).

Our approach

We try to engage students with the program without pandering to them. We develop our ‘green footprint’ logo and a accompanying key visual. We’re also aware that the subject has a better chance of making an impression with teenagers if they can discover it for themselves. That’s why we create tons of fun games, competitions and class activities that try to encourage students to actively think about environmentalism.


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A green footprint for Frankfurt

We wanted to motivate students to develop their own environmental ideas and activities. That’s why we created a competition where classes collaborate to reduce their carbon footprint. With every successfully completed activity, they earn points for the race to become the most green class in Frankfurt – which would be rewarded with a school trip to Scotland.

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